Google Duo – Day One First Impressions

I’m truly at a loss to understand why Google has released yet another messaging platform. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt since Android and Google Voice are my platform of choice but I just can’t seem to see the point of Duo and the yet to be seen Allo.

My first issue is you can only use it on one device. I was able to install it on my phone and my iPad(LTE) but could only be signed in, in one place at a time. I was not able to install it on my Nexus 7 as it wasn’t “compatible”. Talk about a step backwards. As a hangouts user I can run it on any device I have with no conflict. Some argue it’s because it’s using your phone number and not your google account well, a phone number is an account if they did it right. It’s my same complaint with Snapchat, WhatsApp, and ect. For years we seemed to be on the path of device agnostic apps now we are going the other way? Why? Was something broken? Is it too hard? Frustrating to say the least.

I made one video call with it and it seemed no different quality wise than a hangouts video call which i also don’t really use. I typically text and make occasional phone calls rarely do I need/want to video call anyone. It would actually be more useful if you could just make a voice call only option?

Hopefully, I’ll use Allo more if it ever comes out but most likely not if I can only use it on one device. I’m not a fan of SMS. It’s an old outdated messaging service. The only purpose it’s serves is a way to send messages when you are having severe network congestion and your data won’t work and your network phone calls won’t work and maybe you can get an SMS out when everything else fails. However, because all of my contact use it I have to use it but Google Voice makes SMS more like an IM messenger so that’s the appeal to me.

Hangouts remains my messenger of choice for these few powerful reasons:

VOIP done right. Utilizing Google Voice I can take and place calls from any device whether it is connected via wifi or cell network and the same with Text messaging. I can text from any device and it’s already cross platform.

While we haven’t seen Allo yet I don’t think Duo/Allo are going to be able to take on Hangouts as my messaging platform of choice. I just hope Google will actually improve it.



Author: KV4S Amateur Radio Operator, Software Developer, Star Trek Online gamer. Game Handle: @Russell-KV4S

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