This is the homepage of Russell Thomas – KV4S.

My Website was created and posted in October, 1999 and overtime has evolved into what you see now.

I’ve been an amateur radio operator since January 21, 1999 with a Technician Class license, via the Tuscaloosa Amateur Radio Club, where I was granted the call of KG4BQK.  I passed my General Class license, which at the time included 5wpm Morse code, on February 3rd 2002 with the Birmingham Amateur Radio Club; the FCC effective date was February 7th 2002.  I passed my Extra Class license on March 1st 2002 with the Shelby County Amateur Radio Club; the FCC effective date was March 12th 2002.  On March 8th 2002 I got the call W4JRT to reflect my initials.   On June 22nd 2002 I got the call KV4S to better reflect my license class.

My Memberships:
ALERT – Alabama Emergency Response Team in Birmingham
The Shelby County Amateur Radio Club in Birmingham
University of Alabama Amateur Radio Club in Tuscaloosa

Digital Equipment:
DMR Anytone HT: AT-D878UV

DMR Anytone Mobile: AT-D578UVIIIPRO
D-STAR Icom: ID51A Plus2

Fusion: Yaesu FT-70D and a FT-5DR
SharkRF: OpenSpot and OpenSpot 2
Micro Node (Pi-Star): Nano-Spot

Pi-Star: MegaSpot-D+Pro – Duplex board on a Pi3 with 3.5in Display

Yaesu FT-5D is my APRS radio

Yaesu FT-25 is the Digipeater radio
DigiRig is my sound card interface between the Radio and Pi

Raspberry Pi 3 running Direwolf as the iGate/Digipeater software

Analog Equipment:
Allstar on a Raspberry Pi 3
Yaesu FT-100D that I run base or mobile (whichever i feel like)
Yaesu ATAS active tuning antenna for mobile use
Hustler 80M antenna for mobile use
MFJ – CW paddle using with the 100D

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