I’ve enjoyed APRS almost as long as the service has been around.

I got my start somewhere around the 2001/2002 timeframe when I built a tracker from the TinyTrak3Plus kit (prior to fully built units) and with the help of one of my Elmers Bert KG4BEC we soldered the kit together and built a custom interface cable to it and my FT-2500M radio that I wasn’t using much after getting an HF radio. Then we built an interface cable between the TinyTrak and the Garmin eTrex Venture and its serial connector.

Now, I’m running the running a Digipeater/IGate at home that I built using a Raspberry Pi, FT-25 HT, and a DigiRig sound card and I use it along with a Yaesu FT-5DR for messaging and such. Blog post here. Then, a second project to hopefully provide a Chealsea area Digipeater is the Chealsea area hams and I can find a site, I build another Pi digipeater this one interfacing with my old FT-2500M.

SSID info:
KV4S – is my main SSID. On my FT-5DR for APRS and messaging.
KV4S-1 – running APRS Pro Ultimate on iOS.
KV4S-2 – when I’m sitting at the computer
KV4S-3 – DPRS from DSTAR – Beacon Only
KV4S-4 – APRS and DMR APRS from my Anytone DMR radio’s – Beacon Only.
KV4S-10 – running APRSDroid on Android.
KV4S-11 – Raspberry Pi iGATE/Digipeater for home/portable use.
KV4S-12 – Raspberry Pi iGATE/Digipeater for home and if we can find a site maybe a Chelsea Digipeater.
KV4S-H – is my IRLP/Echolink reflector (no messaging)
Anything else is a hotspot; no need to interact.

Did you also know you could use DMR SMS to message with APRS users? Check out this article: https://news.brandmeister.network/new-textcapture-feature-the-sms-store-and-forward-service-you-can-now-enable-in-your-self-care make sure you match your APRSID in your radio to your Brandmiester self care and make sure your band works for your radio.

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