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Google Duo – Day One First Impressions

I’m truly at a loss to understand why Google has released yet another messaging platform. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt since Android and Google Voice are my platform of choice but I just can’t seem … Continue reading

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Tech I’m using update 2015

I’ve been away from my blog for a while. The reason is mostly time. Starting a new family was a huge time hit to my blog as well as the convenience of quick updates available through social media (Twitter, Google+). As a … Continue reading

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Tip: Use C# to Stop a Windows Service and force kill its processes on a remote computer (LAN)

I hope this tip will save someone some time as I has spent a good deal of time trying to get this to work they way I wanted. Online findings were only partial solutions to my problem. Recently, situations cropped up … Continue reading

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Amateur Radio Anniversary

This June marks my 13th year as an Amateur Radio Operator and 10th as Extra class. I became an Amateur Radio operator in 1999, upgraded to Extra class in 2002. While I’m not quite as active on air, I still … Continue reading

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University of Alabama’s 14th National Championship Celebration

I had the fortune to attend another one of Alabama’s National Championship Celebrations. 2011 makes #14!! Pictures: Album Videos:

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