Amateur Radio Anniversary

This June marks my 13th year as an Amateur Radio Operator and 10th as Extra class.
I became an Amateur Radio operator in 1999, upgraded to Extra class in 2002.

While I’m not quite as active on air, I still find this one of the most interesting hobbies out there. I’m most involved with the Skywarn aspects and an active member of the ALERT club who works with the National Weather Service to help relay storm reports from the Amateur community.

Author: KV4S Amateur Radio Operator, Software Developer, Star Trek Online gamer. Game Handle: @Russell-KV4S

One thought on “Amateur Radio Anniversary”

  1. Hey there, my name is Rich i’m in NZ , and my poppa was one of the very early Ham radio operaters In NZ ZL1MQ was his call sign, clifford Betson. He got a world revord for distance on a certain frequency once back in the day, he was a great grandad to have, I miss him and i’m 47 and hes been gone for like 12 years.


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