Hotmail: Do you want us to hate you?

I just found out today that 2 of my hotmail accounts were basically reset.  When I logged on I had no email and no folders with my saved data in them. It’s like I had just created them.

1 of the 2 accounts just so happened to be the first email account I ever opened from 1999!  I lost a great deal of email with sentimental value.  It was also the first address with my old Ham call on it. I also lost many of my early ham radio contacts I had saved to that account.

I do seem to remember that you have to periodically log in to let them know you still use the acct, I guess it had been a while… that said this is horrible and it appears to not be reversible.  While I didn’t loose the address the data was really important to me as well.

Hotmail is probably one of the least popular of all the web based email services out there today, however, back in the day when that WAS the best option some of us signed up and are still loyal to the service.  I feel that loyalty was betrayed today.

If anyone knows of anything I can to to recover it please comment!

So frustrating!!

Author: KV4S Amateur Radio Operator, Software Developer, Star Trek Online gamer. Game Handle: @Russell-KV4S

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