Live Mesh: My Viewpoint

Mesh is an easy way to “sync, share, and access” files between multiple PC’s.

From their site:
“Your work computer. Your home laptop. Your Mac. Your mobile phone. Devices live in multiple places. But the files you need—and the programs that open them—often don’t. Live Mesh changes all that.”

I began using Mesh during the Tech Preview and I’ve been primarliy using it to sync certain folders between 2 pc’s (even though it does much more). This is valuable because I can do things like maintian my Ham club contact list no matter which pc I’m on, check my bank balance or enter new check register entries, maintain other files and documents i need quickly, and everytime i save i know it will update on the other pc . It also has a website where i can logon and see my files even if i’m on someone else’s pc.

A few weeks ago at PDC2008 (Professional Developers Conference) they unveiled this platform for use on Windows Mobile and Mac. I had been waiting on this from the beginning because I have a Windows mobile phone.

I have established folder sync on my Window Mobile Professional 6.1 Phone (HTC Tilt) so now I can do the same type work no matter where I am and everything stays in sync. I’ve even used this to install programs without having to plug a cable or swap the SD card around. Also, any picture or video I take on the phone is automatically synced to my computer.

If any of this sounds interesting to you I recommend checking out the site I believe it’s an open beta now so you don’t have to get in the invite queue!

Have Fun!
Russell, KV4S

Author: KV4S Amateur Radio Operator, Software Developer, Star Trek Online gamer. Game Handle: @Russell-KV4S

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