Windows Mobile 6.1 SMTP error fixed!


Update 11/11/2008:

Microsoft has a patch now!

Original Post 10/22/2008:

The following article fixed and error i had sending SMTP email with IMAP:

I have an AT&T Tilt that i had upgraded from Windows Mobile 6 to 6.1.

I have a gmail acct and an account setup on my domain

My domain mail has been setup as google apps so it works like gmail.

On my Tilt I configured both as imap accounts and both worked.

About a week ago my domain acct quit sending mail but gmail worked fine. I attempted to use in the smtp address because i had to do that on pop3 in the past but that didn’t work for my domain acct.

After a few hours research came across this article installed the cab restarted the phone and did a test email and it worked fine…. thanks a million!

Russell Thomas

Tilt upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1

The AT&T Tilt phone I got almost a year ago is my first phone that has data and email on it, which I have itegrated more and more in my life.

This past weekend i took on the task of upgrading the ROM software from Windows Mobile 6 to 6.1. Worried that this was going to break my phone I did quite a bit of reading and online research but i couldn’t find anyone that had any problems doing this.

So i went out to the HTC site and downloaded the ROM version plugged my phone into the computer for an ActiveSync connection and in about 10 minutes i was done! Completely painless!

The most time consuming part of the upgrade was getting my programs re-installed and getting the phone setting customized again.

There was no issue with data because i had it all on a 2GB micro SD card. (photos, music, program installs, ect…)

There was also no issue with contacts since I have Exchange Server at work… once i configured ActiveSnyc on the phone all my email, contacts, and calendar items were pushed back to the phone from the server.

So on the next update I won’t be so worried!

Later, Russell

Using my phone as my MP3 Player

I had a Sandisk Sansa c250 I got about a year ago and I had a problem where the sound only came out of one ear. Thinking this was a problem with the earbuds I started looking for some new ones but wasn’t having much luck. I also used an FM transmitter to get sound in my truck but I also noticed it started happening on with it as well. I swapped out some other headphones I had at the house to see if that fixed it be it didn’t. Turns out the jack in the mp3 player was bad as well as the earbud I was using.  Not wanting to spend the money on both I started thinking…. you know there is a lot of hype around the IPhone and all it does is serve as a mp3 player I wonder if i could use my phone for that since i use it for so much else. I came across an article about using your Tilt as your full time mp3 player.

If you don’t already know I have a Tilt from AT&T and I love this phone because i get email and can upload various things to the web over the data connection. I followed the above article and was able to setup my phone to play my mp3’s.  The part that made my decision a definate yes was the Motorola HT820 headset… it’s a bluetooth stereo headset that runs both the voice and sound of the phone so not only can i listen to Netcast and Music on it, if I get a call the sound stops and i hit a button and can take the call. The sound of the call comes over both speakers even though i believe it’s monotone it still sounds better than a single ear sound.

Many phones have the ability to play mp3’s as well as support bluetooth so if you are thinking of getting a mp3 (or replacing in my case) player give thought to getting a stereo headset instead and using your phone.

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