UA vs USC 2009

Last Friday I won tickets to the UA vs USC game from work.

I hit the road about 3:15pm, later on i made it to light on 280 about to get on 459 when  the state troopers stopped all the traffic for 3 or 4 buses to get on the interstate. I’m not 100% sure but I think that was USC.
We were stuck behind them until we got on 20/59.. they took up all lanes of traffic.

I took exit 79 and came into Tuscaloosa about 4:15. Tried to meet up with my brother for the longest time. Cell phones were very unreliable even at this time before the game.

Managed to meet up with him at his fraternity house across from the stadium.

About an hour to kickoff we headed to our seats.

It was a very exciting game, unfortunatly UA didn’t play as well as i expected but they kept it together to the end. I don’t believe i have seen that many flags in a game before!

Alabama won 20 to 6! Roll Tide Roll!!

I grabbed some photo’s of the game hope you enjoy!

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Tour of The University of Alabama’s Athletic facilities

What a memorable day! My brother got us on the A+ tours that is going on right now.

The tour started with the Mal Moore building then over to the Bryant Denny Stadium then back.

We got to see the Hall of Champions,  weight room, practice field, locker rooms at both places, the zone, new concessions, and the very top of the stadium.

We even got to see some of the renovations in the coaching areas including Nick Saban’s Office!

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