This is the homepage of Russell Thomas – KV4S.

My Website was created and posted in October, 1999 and overtime has evolved into what you see now.

I’ve been an amateur radio operator since January 21, 1999 with a Technician Class license, via the Tuscaloosa Amateur Radio Club, where I was granted the call of KG4BQK.  I passed my General Class license on February 3rd 2002 with the Birmingham Amateur Radio Club; the FCC effective date was February 7th 2002.  I passed my Extra Class license on March 1st 2002 with the Shelby County Amateur Radio Club; the FCC effective date was March 12th 2002.  On March 8th 2002 I got the call W4JRT to reflect my initials.   On June 22nd 2002 I got the call KV4S to better reflect my license class.

My Memberships:
ALERT – Alabama Emergency Response Team in Birmingham
The Shelby County Amateur Radio Club in Birmingham
University of Alabama Amateur Radio Club in Tuscaloosa

Yaesu FT-100D that I run base or mobile (whichever i feel like)
Yaesu ATAS active tuning antenna for mobile use
Hustler 80M antenna for mobile use
Comet SSB-15 for 6M/2M/70CM
ICOM IC-T8A tri-band HT that I’m using on base
 j-pole dual band antenna another ham is letting me use for base
Yaesu 2500M dedicated to APRS. Quarter wave 2m mag for antenna.
Tiny Trak III is my APRS TNC. (sends only, upgrade from TTII)
Radio Shack HTX-200 (HT)
MFJ – CW paddle using with the 100D


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